Bellyak races


Bellyak will be an included category in the 2013 FLRC competitions in the USA, and eventually worldwide. The Bellyak is still whitewater at face level, but it’s a much faster watercraft given the longer hull and removal of drag, so it warrants its own racing and events category.

Riverboarders who are strong hand-paddlers, such as those who primarily use the Kern and Carlson boards, may find that they are extremely competitive on the Bellyak as well! Ocean surfers and bodyboarders will also have a distinct advantage on the Bellyak as the motions are similar. (Hint, hint – come have fun and race!)

The cool thing about Bellyak though is that downriver racing and freestyle are all possible and quite entertaining. The first Bellyak races will take place at the US National Whitewater Center event in April.

Here’s a bit more about the Bellyak in case you’re not familiar with it, from the Bellyak website:

About Bellyak

A Bellyak is a quick and easy way to get on the water, explore and play! Low risk + high reward = big fun for everyone. Longer than a riverboard, more stout than a surfboard and shapelier than a standard SUP, a Bellyak is a boat designed to be ridden lying down, without restricting straps or a confining spray skirt. Think of it as a belly-on-top instead of asit-on-top!

Designed with a planing hull, much like a kayak, Bellyaks cut through the water, while holding the rider above the water, providing a responsive ride and good maneuverability. Bellyaks are approximately 8 feet long and 24 inches wide, with a stable and secure riding area. Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, they are easy to transport to your favorite beach, river or lake.


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