Competitor categories

Kevin Yount Flying Entry During the surf competition finals. Pic by Josh Galt

Competitor categories will be included with a minimum of 5 competitors:

Juniors (15 and under)


Masters (50+)

Women’s categories will be included at each level with the minimum required competitors. Otherwise, the women are welcome to race with the men – history has shown that strong female riverboarders like Rochelle Parry and Liz Arnold can hang with and often beat the guys.

All 3 primary types of boards (bodyboards, riverboards, and hydrospeeds) commonly used in the sport are allowed in any competition. However, due to safety issues with running extremely technical and at times manky whitewater on bodyboards, it will be up to the discretion of the organizing committee on whether or not bodyboards are allowed for certain races.

Flat-bottom foam riverboards (Kern, Carlson), and hydrospeed-style riverboards (Fluid, Ripboard, NZ sledge) are allowed for all competitive events. For 2013 home-made riverboards are allowed, however they must be under 57″ long (the length of the longest commercially produced riverboard, the Carlson).

For more info on Bellyak races please visit the Bellyak page.

Here’s the info you want if you’re looking for Riverboarding / Hydrospeed Race Formats.

Julie Munger gives the camera a thumbs up at the end of the XDR. Pic by Josh Galt

Julie Munger gives the camera a thumbs up at the end of the 2009 Endurocross race. Pic by Josh Galt

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