Exploratory Riverboarding Trip in Mexico – Cumbres 2 Cumbres

Cumbres 2 Cumbres is a Riverboarding, Bellyak, and Packrafting event being held on August 22-26 in Guachochi, Mexico.

The group will be Riverboarding 25 miles on the Rios Verde / Guerachi going through Sinforsa Canyon “The Queen” of Barrancas del Cobre.

This is first time exploratory run and is only available to the maximum of 10 people. The river consists of everything from flatwater to class 4 and 5 gorges, so experience is required.

It’s free,but each person will be asked to chip in to cover the shuttle, mules and food costs.

Let us know right away if you’re interested!

Mexico riverboarding exploratory trip

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