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update-2I just returned from a couple weeks in Indonesia, attending the Indonesian Riverboarding National Championship at the always sensational Pekalen River, and then traveling to Bandung to check out the the Citarum River, which is the new site of the event and a truly impressive and spectacular place.


After much deliberation, we decided to move the location of the  from the previously reported Serayu to the Citarum River in West Java, just a short trip from Jakarta and an hour and a half from Bandung.

The reason is primarily the water – while the Serayu is likely to have good flow, it’s also rain dependent, which means there’s a possibility it wouldn’t. It probably would. But…who knows?

The Citarum, however, is dam controlled a ways upstream and after meeting with Indonesia Power they have graciously agreed to give us the water levels that we need during the riverboarding world championship week.

While the facilities on the other river were very nice I just am not willing to take the risk of not having the ideal flow for this event.

The Citarum river though is such a beautiful setting, along with being great water for this type of riverboarding competition, and I am very happy with the change and confident that this will be the best location for the first riverboarding world championship.


The Citarum River, site of the 2013 Riverboarding World Championship

The Citarum is a quite wide river and the section we’ll be using is mostly big wave class III, however I intend to make sure the course (slalom gates) is set at a class V challenge level. Going with the current won’t get you down through the course, in other words. :)

Our section of water is also visible from start to finish (for Slalom, Boardercross, and Freestyle, and the last 400m of the Endurocross) from both sides of the river and from the start and finish lines. Which is awesome for spectators and multimedia coverage alike.


If you’ve already planned your travel to Yogyakarta, don’t worry! We’ll get you transferred from there to Bandung and then to the Citarum river. Please contact me directly as soon as possible so I have an idea of what kind of transportation we need to arrange.

However, if your plans included local transportation from Jakarta to Yogyakarta but you have not purchased tickets, please don’t! Your best bet will be to take the airport shuttle from Jakarta to Bandung (it’s about $8 USD and takes 2 hours on a nice bus direct from the Jakarta airport), but we may have transportation arranged from there to the river site directly as it’s on the way. More info on that when we have transportation sorted.

So, if you are still making travel plans but have not solidified them just yet – travel to Jakarta or Bandung, both of which are very accessible from a variety of airline hubs in Asia and Australia. From there we will have transportation arranged to get you to the river.


We will have online registration opening at some point in August, and early registrations will get a discount on the cost. Additionally, because this is a non-qualifying event and open to riverboarders from all over, we have to cap the number of participants in the various categories (owing to time and resource constraints) so signing up early will ensure that you’ve got a slot!

This is going to be a really incredible riverboarding event with riverboarders coming from all over the world and I encourage you to sign up early and make your Asia travel plans right away.

If you have questions please contact me, and more details will be posted soon – stay in the know on FacebookTwitter, or this site’s RSS feed.

I’ll be heading back to Indonesia in September for the remaining time leading up to the event as well, in order to ensure that every little detail is as amazing as it can possibly be! :)

~ Josh

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