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Fellow riverboarders / hydrospeeders:

Today is exactly 2 months until the official start of the first ever Riverboarding World Championship, and after more than a year of thought and planning, that is both very exciting and very nerve-wracking!

As I stand here writing this (yes, I stand up when I’m on the computer – it’s healthier!) it’s a cloudy, rainy day in Costa Rica. Blah.


Sunset over the Citarum

But I am feeling motivated because the memories of the sun setting over the rice paddies on the banks of the Citarum River are clear in my mind, calling me back.

I’m heading up and over the north pole very shortly and I can’t wait to get back to Indonesia to finish up the final preparations for the event.

There’s so much to be done, but the closer we get the more I am hearing from each of you who are coming, and it excites me and inspires me more than maybe anything I’ve done in the riverboarding world to date.

This is going to be a gathering of the best riverboarders and hydrospeeders on the planet, from the youngest up-and-coming stars to the most seasoned veterans who’ve traveled the world and boarded epic whitewater, including some people who were there in the very beginning of the sport’s existence!

We’re going to have expedition leaders, product designers and manufacturers, innovative riders, a handful of riverboarding / hydrospeed “hall of famers” and more than a few larger-than-life personalities. (Any guesses who they are?) I’m sure we’ll find a few more too! 😉

Maybe most exciting, we’re going to have a chance to swap ideas about riding styles, boards and gear, and what can be done to ensure a strong foundation for the future of the sport as we move forward.

I’m coming up on 20 years of history (!!!) with “whitewater at face level” and it’s hard to believe that A) nearly 2 decades have gone by so fast and B) we’ve never had an international event like this before!

Thank technology – including the often-evil twins Google and Facebook – and thank the riverboarders in Indonesia, whose passion and love for the river and the sport of riverboarding persuaded me that this event needed to happen, and now.

So along with them and others who have been helping out, I jumped in.

And now, to hear the excitement and travel plans of so many riverboarders and hydrospeeders from all around the world, I’m more stoked about this than I believed I could be.

The pressure is definitely on now for those of us who are organizing the event to push through these final couple of months and ensure that you have the riverboarding experience of your lifetime (thus far!). I am confident that will be the case.


update-3and then a lot of great information from the guys at the Indonesian Riverboarding Association about hotels, lodging, and activities:

1. We are going to have a $10,000 USD purse prize for the event winners, along with individual event awards and prizes. So for the ultra-competitive among us, keep training hard because it will pay off in more ways than one. :)

2. The event page on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/events/521531144557063/ )has been the de-facto online “home” for the Riverboarding World Championship, and will continue to be a central source of information. It seems that we all share the common ground of facebook, and my thinking has been if it’s not broke don’t fix it. However…

3. In order to more easily reach the casual observer (media, sponsors, friends & family back home) as we get closer to the event and especially DURING the event, we are moving the event website to http://riverboardingworldchampionship.com . That will be the world’s portal to information on the athletes competing, the event schedule, the event results, and the awesome daily video broadcasts that we have planned.

4. Registration will be online shortly, my apologies that it is not up yet but don’t worry! You are going to be able to come and compete, nobody is secretly cutting in line and getting registered ahead of you. We will likely have slightly separate registration for native French-speakers and athletes in Indonesia / Malaysia, with most everyone else being able to register online. If for some reason that is not a possibility from wherever you are, there will be an option for you to contact us directly and we’ll get it taken care of.

5. Did I mention I am really excited about this event? If you’re still undecided about whether or not to come, just book your ticket to Jakarta already!

If you love riverboarding / hydrospeed, this is an event that you will want to look back on someday and say you were a part of.


Huge thanks to Randi, Rahim, and the other volunteers working behind the scenes in Indonesia to put these logistics together.


Accommodation DURING the event: You can camp at the event site next to the river for free (included in registration cost, as is your food November 6th – 10th). Please bring your own tent / camping gear.

For those who are bringing guests and want a more comfortable sleeping arrangement, indoor accommodation at the Indonesia Power Company housing, and the military barracks of Pussenif (Pussenif = Pusat Kesenjataan Infanteri) can be used for an additional $20 or $30 dollars (for the 6th through the 10th).

In the event that this proves to be insufficient, we are also negotiating with some hotels who are invited to be sponsors to provide special discounts to all participants who took part in this event. This will be especially helpful for people needing comfortable lodging before and after the event.

List of hotels in Bandung (rate of hotel from $30 – $120 USD):

1. http://www.booking.com/city/id/bandung.id.html?aid=331508;label=bandung-kr9iFl89Brp65BpstAaYXAS19367831353:pl:ta:p1175:p2260,000:ac:ap1t2:neg;ws=&gclid=CI2D7bnlzbgCFZGH4god_WYAUQ

2. http://puri-sawo-manila.blogspot.com/2012/08/daftar-hotel-bintang-2-3-4-di-pasteur.html

If you want to stay in Bandung before or after the event: we can help you get a clean hotel with a rate from $30 – $80 USD or we will help you to find some rental houses at rate of $150 (4-6 persons), $250 (10-20 persons) close to downtown Bandung. (Bandung is famous for culinary and shopping.)


The Riverboarding World Championship will cover transportation from Jakarta to Bandung with one liason officer in Jakarta. Arrival in Jakarta should be confirmed BEFORE the date of 5 November 2013. You will be asked for your travel plans during registration, so if you do not have them yet, we will follow up with you in October to confirm.

For group participants (20+ people) transportation will be provided directly to the location with the bus. But for individual participants who arrive in Bandung either using a public shuttle from the airport or other means, the Riverboarding World Championship will provide a minivan ride to the base camp location on the Citarum River.


Tickets and the scheduled departure from Bandung to Bali or Bandung to Yogyakarta you can find here:


1. (Air Asia Airline)
Bandung-Denpasar Bali 7:30 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) – 17.00 (every day) —-> Go to Bali

2. (Merpati Airline)
BDG-Surabaya – Denpasar Bali 6:05 (Every day) —-> Go to Bali
Bandung -Yogya 13:50 (every day) —-> Go to Borobudur Temple



Raja Empat, Papua, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia


There is a luggage locker facility in the the Jakarta Airport (Cengkareng-Soekarno Hatta) which is located in the following locations:
1.Terminal 2D, Gate 1 – Internasional Arrival area.
2.Terminal 1A – Domestic Arrival area.
3.Terminal 1B – Domestik Arrival area.

These facilities open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

The luggage keeping fees schedules are:
1.Small luggage ( 0 -10kg) : Rp 25.000
2.Medium luggage (11 – 20kg) : Rp 35.000
3.Big luggage (21-30kg) : Rp 45.000
4.Extra bug luggage 31 – 50kg) : Rp 55.000

If you hold a Garuda Airlines airfare, you might entitle for a free luggage keeping service. You will need to confirm with the Garuda airlines.
here the link: http://www.fesindo.com/enter/lb1.php

Or, you can rent one room from a friend of the event organizers in Bandung if you prefer, the rent is about $70/month.


Please share your plans on the facebook Riverboarding World Championship 2013 event page (if you want to invite other people)!

Current options being discussed are:
+ Visit New Zealand (Huw Miles will be leading a Riverboarding / Hydrospeed Guide Certification workshop)
+ Also in New Zealand the 2 weeks after our event is the Rafting World Championships, on the Kaituna
+ Visit Bali
+ Visit Borobudur Temple
+ Swim other rivers in Java, from class III and up including the mystical Pekalen
+ A potentially more extreme riverboarding mission the 11th – 13th
+ Other destinations in Asia or Australia are easily within reach on a fairly short flight, and Air Asia is a great airline with very affordable rates

Still have questions?

Send me an email and I’ll get you the answer as quickly as I can.

Once again, thanks for sharing your joy and love for the river with me – I’m looking forward to meeting so many new whitewater friends and once again seeing those of you that I’ve had the privilege to hit the river with already.

Updates will be much more regular now as we’re in the final stretch here, but for the most part questions have been regarding lodging and travel before / after the event. So updates will be more about the details of the event itself and our presentation of it.

Nothing has changed regarding the event format itself however.

Here’s the schedule in case you have not yet seen it:

MONDAY (November 4th) THROUGH WEDNESDAY (November 6th) – Practice days (if you arrive earlier, you can hit the river on your own – but most people will be arriving over the weekend)
WEDNESDAY NIGHT – Opening Ceremony
THURSDAY (7th) – Slalom
FRIDAY (8th) – Boardercross
SATURDAY (9th) – Freestyle Surfing
SUNDAY (10th) – Endurocross and potentially a relay if there’s enough interest
SUNDAY AFTERNOON – Closing Ceremony

More details will be posted regarding nightly entertainment, awards ceremonies, the point system, etc as we get closer to the event.

Only 2 months away! The first ever Riverboarding World Championship. Indonesia, here we come!

~ Josh Galt


Citarum River, Java Indonesia

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