Locations for Riverboarding / Hydrospeed Competitions


In 2013 the Riverboarding World Championships will take place in Indonesia. There are also currently scheduled events in the USA along with non-FLRC races in France.

There will possibly be an Endurocross race to demonstrate the sport of riverboarding during the 2013 World Rafting Championships in New Zealand following the FLRC finals in Indonesia in November, however it has yet to be determined if this will be an FLRC event or not, and if so, in what capacity.

The goal is to have at least 2 riverboarding / hydrospeed competitions in each region during the year, and to move the World Championships around the world each year as well, but keeping them in relatively warm locations.

Regions may be considered as:

  • North America
  • Central & South America
  • Europe & Scandinavia
  • Africa & The Middle East
  • Asia &¬†Oceania

Since the 2013 World Championship will be hosted by Indonesia, the 2014 event should take place on the other side of the planet, in either Central or South America. The USA will unfortunately likely never be an option owing to the difficulty of athletes from many nations obtaining visas.

Leading candidates for 2014 are Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador.


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