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As the 2013 Riverboarding World Championship came together in Indonesia certain shifts took place in the landscape of the sport, primarily that a team of people from around the world was needed to properly manage the international riverboarding competition scene, and to do so under the brand of the Riverboarding World Championship.

Thus, at the conclusion of the 2013 RWC in Indonesia the beginnings of the international organization were formed to represent and promote the sport moving forward. The World Riverboarding Association was officially registered in 2014 in Canada, and is currently headed up by Face Level’s Josh Galt, along with Denis Morin (RIPH Canada), Raphael Besson (RIPH International), Charl van Rensburg (RIPH South Africa), and Randi Roswenda (Indonesian Riverboarding Association).

The RWC logo – the silhouette of a riverboarder entering the water – was designed by Randi Roswenda, the president of the IRA, and has been adopted for continual use in RWC competitions along with the WRA, similar to the Olympic rings.


The World Riverboarding Association will be responsible for the RWC moving forward, including the upcoming 2015 event in Guatemala.

While Face Level will continue to sponsor athletes and be present at international events, the focus has shifted from running the events to ensuring the best multimedia possible, which is where Face Level will be involved in Guatemala 2015.

The WRA is interested in more regional and local events around the world though so if you have a riverboarding event you’d like to put on and want their support, you can contact them directly.

Learn more about the World Riverboarding Association at Riverboarding.org, and the Riverboarding World Championship at RiverboardingWorldChampionship.com.

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